Upon receipt of a subpoena in your office please do the following:

  1. Do not respond directly to the subpoena.
  2. If you are asked to sign for receipt of the subpoena, make a copy of the signed receipt and record the date of receipt. If you receive a subpoena via certified mail, make a copy of the return receipt after it is signed and dated with the date of receipt.
  3. Please immediately forward the subpoena, any document evidencing receipt of the subpoena, and the envelope that contained the subpoena if the subpoena was served by mail, to the Office of Legal Affairs - 1590 N. High Street, Suite 500 - via email and interoffice mail, to the attention of Chenee Mays.
  4. Please also forward to OLA, to the attention of Chenee Mays, any responsive documents, but do not delay sending a copy of the subpoena itself while documents are being gathered. It is important to immediately send the subpoena to OLA to ensure a timely response. Failure to timely respond to a subpoena may result in sanctions imposed by the court.

The Office of Legal Affairs will review and respond directly to the request on your behalf. If you have general questions regarding a subpoena, please contact our office at 614-292-0611.

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